Talent Assessment & Development

Welcome to Great People Inside®

Great People Inside is a powerful Talent Assessment and Development platform designed to help you hire right and drive the best performance from your teams.

It is the only fully customizable and 100% scalable platform available in the world today, which is why we recommend it to our clients and our fellow coaches/consultants.


  • Fully validated psychometric dimensions (and 360° surveys), online and customizable
  • Create assessments specific to the competencies, core values, or objectives of any role or organization
  • Open, cloud-based technology platform that can be integrated with Applicant Tracking and / or Talent Management Systems
  • Measure only what’s important to you


  • Minimize your HR hiring time
  • Use predictive analytics to select the best candidates that suit your organization
  • Increase employee engagement, passion, & retention
  • Maximize the potential of individuals and teams

How the Process Works

Just a few easy steps to follow

Step 1. Define Your Success Drivers

  • Identify what makes your company stand out from the rest
  • Detect and define your success predictors
  • Use these predictors to recruit or develop your workforce

Step 2. Create and Use Our Tools

  • Select competencies/dimensions from our wide portfolio of solutions
  • Request to create new dimensions tailored to your specific requirements

Step 3. Measure and Assess

  • Set-up an Online Account
  • Create or revise your Job Profiles
  • Invite Candidates/Employees to take the assessment
  • Review the customized results

Step 4. Apply and Improve Your Business

  • Make informed hiring decisions
  • Use the platform as a stand-alone or integrate with existing HRIS systems
  • Engage and retain your greatest asset—Your Employees!

Find, grow, and keep the best talent.

Learn how to assess and grow the skills of the best in the industry.