The Perfect Tool To Help You Find Suitable Candidates For Your Business

By now, we’ve shared how thorough the GPI suite of assessments is in helping organizations hire, promote, and coach employees. While GPI’s assessments are fantastic on their own, the ease by which they can be customized is what has many organizations choosing GPI. If you missed our earlier articles discussing the Great People Inside assessments, you can catch up by reading the introduction or the overview of the standard options. Today, we’re going to delve into GPI’s unique customization elements and the benefits this provides to businesses looking for the right candidates.

Carrington Consortium, LLC consults with hiring managers and talent development officers across the country to help place the right people in the right seats at the right time using the Great People Inside (GPI) suite of assessments.

How Does it Work?

1. Define Your Success Drivers

Every business is unique in its organizational design, vision, culture, values, and key drivers. While candidates may be technically skilled for a position, businesses want to know if the candidates are a good match for their organization. That’s why the first thing you do when setting up an assessment for potential candidates is to define the success drivers of your organization. When you know what drives the company, you can look for those same characteristics in others.

2. Create Tools to Measure Them

Once you’ve identified your success drivers, you can build out the tool by which to assess candidates. It can be as simple as using one of the assessments from the standard options and modifying it a bit, or you can request new measuring dimensions specific to your requirements. Mind you, GPI has about 140 measurable assessments built out from which to choose. Even better, you can select how strongly you want a candidate to align with these dimensions.

Take a look at Figure 1. Let’s say you’re looking to hire a junior-level manager who will have some supervisory responsibilities as well as client-facing engagements. This is a highly creative team that is expected to work quickly and be open to risk.

Figure 1

Each GPI assessment allows hiring managers to determine an acceptable benchmark for each dimension. In this example, all of the behaviors listed were set with an acceptable benchmark between 5 and 9.  The arrow points to the user’s score. If the score is within the allocated range, the arrow and box are colored green. If the arrow is orange, the user is right outside the desired benchmark. To the left of the heading, the green box score indicates that this candidate is approximately an 88% match with the desired behaviors needed to do well in the position but may struggle with tasks that require a more tenacious attitude. Again, hiring managers can select the different dimensions to assess.

3. Measure and Assess

Once the assessment is set up, it’s time to implement it. GPI isn’t only for hiring decisions. There are also assessments for team dynamics, leadership skills, management, engagement, and wellness. These assessments measure both capacity and potential and highlight an individual’s strengths as well as development gaps.

4. Apply and Improve Your Business

With this finite feedback, organizations can properly address any training or coaching needs and build up employees to the level that helps the organization remain productive and successful. In turn, employees feel ‘seen’ and are engaged in self-development which results in organizational development.

Learn More

Carrington Consortium believes that GPI assessments offer better reliability and much more extensive reporting than traditional assessments. Additionally, the ability to customize assessments to include specific measures that match the values, behaviors, and competencies of your company’s key performance indicators is a value-add that off-the-shelf assessments can’t provide. If interested in learning more about GPI or have a talent management question for Carrington Consortium, click here to connect with us.

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