News from Carrington Consortium

  • The Perfect Tool To Help You Find Suitable Candidates For Your Business
    By now, we’ve shared how thorough the GPI suite of assessments is in helping organizations hire, promote, and coach employees. While GPI’s assessments are fantastic on their own, the ease by which they can be customized is what has many organizations choosing GPI. If you missed our earlier articles discussing the Great People Inside assessments, … Read more
  • How To Improve Hiring And Promotions With A Customizable Assessment
    Do you use assessments for hiring, promoting, or coaching employees? If so, you know the value of identifying key characteristics that help a good employee become an exceptional performer. If not, you may want to consider how customizable assessments can improve hiring and promotion decisions as well as improve organizational success. Carrington Consortium, LLC consults … Read more
  • How Customized Assessments Can Help Your Business Attract And Retain Talent
    Is there a certain position you have trouble staffing? Do you have excessive turnover in a specific department? Or is there a critical role for which you need just the right person? Hiring, and more importantly, retaining, the right people is a necessity in today’s environment where there are approximately two job openings for every … Read more
  • DEI in Action at Great Clips Hair Salons
    The CEO of Carrington Consortium LLC, Patricia Bradley, trained more than one hundred employees of Team Sailing, Inc., a franchisee of Great Clips, on the importance of valuing diversity in the workplace.  Diane Sinclair, the CEO of Team Sailing, Inc. understands that “We Are All Unique,” and strives to make this a critical part of … Read more
  • SABOC 2021 Award Recipient
    Carrington Consortium LLC was honored by the San Antonio Business Opportunity Council (SABOC) as a 2021 award recipient during the National Minority Enterprise Development Week (MED Week).  MED Week celebrates the accomplishments of outstanding minority entrepreneurs and leaders and provides a platform for small and minority-owned businesses to learn about business growth strategies, receive premier … Read more