How To Improve Hiring And Promotions With A Customizable Assessment

Do you use assessments for hiring, promoting, or coaching employees? If so, you know the value of identifying key characteristics that help a good employee become an exceptional performer. If not, you may want to consider how customizable assessments can improve hiring and promotion decisions as well as improve organizational success. Carrington Consortium, LLC consults with hiring managers and talent development officers across the country to help place the right people in the right seats at the right time using the Great People Inside (GPI) suite of assessments.

If you’re not familiar with Great People Inside, you can read an introduction here – How Customized Assessments Can Help Your Business Attract And Retain Talent. Carrington Consortium prefers GPI because it has a strong core of standard assessments as well as a rich database of job descriptions and personal characteristics from which hiring managers can customize. Let’s take a look at a few of the standard assessment solution sets  within the GPI platform from which you can choose.

Recruitment & Onboarding:

While skills can always be acquired, character and attitude are much harder to alter. These assessments help employers match employees with jobs that complement their personalities, abilities, and interests.

Leadership & Performance:

These assessments will help drive performance by aligning your employees’ strengths with organizational goals and strategies.  The result is happier and more productive employees.

Sales & Customer Care:

Increased sales and improved customer care start by finding, training, and motivating the right employees. These assessments help companies select the right people who are vital to impacting the bottom line.

Team Dynamics:

No matter how talented a group of people are, if they can’t work together everyone loses. These assessments can be used with both onsite and remote teams and can identify the right mix of employees for a team as well as strengthen an already strong performing group.

Engagement & Retention:

Unemployment is at its lowest level in 50 years, so companies must do more to engage and retain their staff. These assessments help identify and measure specific values, such as emotional attachment, enthusiasm, and dedication, all of which help factor in an employee’s level of involvement at work. Engaged employees ‘own’ the result of their work and feel appreciated, which is a win-win for them and the company!

Well-being at Work:

With a global market, 24/7 operations, and technology that delivers information, news, and connectivity anywhere/anytime, a good work-life balance has become more important than salary to many workers. These assessments help managers identify the overall well-being of their staff as well as identify where alignments or adjustments may be necessary.

For each of the challenges listed above, Great People Inside offers multiple pre-customized solutions to fit common needs. For example, to address Recruitment & Onboarding challenges there are 5 specific assessments designed to address hiring needs (they address other things as well): Remote Employee, Full Spectrum, Blue Collar, Big 5 Behaviors, and Cognitive Plus. The Big 5 Behaviors focuses on the personality dimensions most conducive to high performance, including conscientiousness, resilience, tenacity, and agreeableness. This is a solid assessment for hiring new employees and ensuring they have the characteristics needed to do well within the position. However, if you are looking to identify someone who could also be a good manager, the Cognitive Plus assessment contains exercises aimed at identifying people with high managerial potential or effective leadership skills.

Carrington Consortium believes that the GPI suite of assessments offers better reliability and much more extensive reporting than traditional assessments. Additionally, the ability to customize assessments to include specific measures that match the values, behaviors, and competencies of your company’s key performance indicators is a value-add that off-the-shelf assessments can’t provide, but GPI can. Let’s meet! virtually of course. Click here to connect with us at Carrington Consortium. Make sure to check back soon to see examples of GPI’s reporting capabilities!

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