How Customized Assessments Can Help Your Business Attract And Retain Talent

Is there a certain position you have trouble staffing? Do you have excessive turnover in a specific department? Or is there a critical role for which you need just the right person?

Hiring, and more importantly, retaining, the right people is a necessity in today’s environment where there are approximately two job openings for every unemployed person. Many HR departments are inundated with resumes of people having the technical skill set, but how can they determine how well a candidate is aligned with characteristics like stability, energy, and resilience?

Carrington Consortium, LLC, based in San Antonio, Texas, consults with hiring managers and talent development officers across the country to help place the right people in the right seats with the right capacity to do the job. Using the Great People Inside (GPI) suite of customizable assessments, Carrington Consortium helps clients hire the right talent or identify the right internal candidate for an essential position. Managers can also use assessments to gauge the right coaching or mentoring approach to use with team members, as well as identify areas for improvement.

There are plenty of assessments HR offices can use to ensure candidates have certain skill sets or behavioral characteristics. However, these are often rigid and more of a one-size-fits-all approach. The GPI suite doesn’t require businesses to adapt to its assessment system but rather provides businesses with a robust selection of both off-the-shelf assessments as well as fully customizable options. To date, GPI’s assessment options include 129 dimensions (Figure 1) as well as the newest dimensions, which include burnout, emotional intelligence, social awareness, workaholism, and extrinsic/intrinsic motivation.

Figure 1: GPI Assessment Dimensions

No two businesses are alike, and the work done within those businesses also differs, even if the job titles are the same. By implementing a robust recruitment process and shoring it up with a strategic management plan that includes developing team members to achieve their best potential, Carrington Consortium helps businesses achieve organizational excellence.

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